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Duc Anh Overseas Study Advisory & Translation Company appreciates your intention of co-operating with us in our current fields in a spirit of working together professionally, ensuring professional ethics, complying with laws and bringing benefits to Parties.

About recruiting students for studying abroad: You can refer students to us. With nearly 20 years of experience, trusted professionalism, being agent of many good universities, working devotedly, we will certainly support you. Moreover, if you know other good universities, you can refer them to us.

About training English: We would like to share training programs, exchange training experience and you can help us provide training programs that we do not supply.

About testing English: We welcome you to train students and refer them to our PTE test center. Besides, we are willing to instruct your teachers so that they can teach PTE A well.

Please contact us if you would like to cooperate:

Ms. Lucy Lu

Mobile: +84 9887 09698

Email: lucy@ducanh.edu.vn

Skype: lucyhn8899