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Hot Job

Choosing what major to learn is one of the most important things.

Duc Anh Company supports you to identify:

  • The field you want to study;
  • Your real ability;
  • The actual demand of the labor market in foreign countries and Vietnam;
  • The field is best suited to your individual needs, market needs and your ability to learn.

Here is a list of HOT hires from the statistics of the country:

1. Hot Jobs in Canada:

2. Hot Jobs in Australia:

3. Hot Jobs in New Zealand:

4. Hot Jobs in UK:

5. Hot Jobs in US:

6. Hot Jobs in Singapore:


7. Hot Jobs in Switzerland:

Read the articles below for specific references on the industries you are interested in. These articles provide information about the specific discipline required to be able to study this industry, the employment needs of the industry, and the average income. Information is cited from official sources, from the Bureau of Statistics or the Ministry of Labor.