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Established in 2000, fully licensed by relevant authorities and run by experienced Management Board, Duc Anh A&T now has developed to be one of the leading education agents in Vietnam. So far:

  • In terms of recruitment,  Duc Anh has 2 recruitment offices, in Hanoi & Hochiminh cities that specialized in recruiting students for schooling, foundation, diploma, bachelor, master, PhD, student exchange and summer programs for Australia, UK, US, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia and Holland. Visa granted rate is from 97-99% and for our excellent/ professional services, we awarded many awards/ prizes from Education organizations of foreign embassies in Vietnam as well as from our universities/ colleges/ schools we present. Students are happy about our services and introduce their friends/ relative to us from time to time.
  • In terms of PTE A Test, Duc Anh is the first company in Vietnam that officially authorized by Pearson (www.pearsonpte.com ) to conduct PTE A test in Vietnam. We have testing center in Hochiminh cities, set up in June 2014 and host testers from all around Vietnam and other countries, 100% of testers are happy about our services.
  • In terms of English training, Duc Anh has 2 training centers in Hanoi & Hochiminh cities, specialized in English for academic purpose and English for specific purposes, using our own curriculum which is at TOP academically and market relevantly level. Training quality as well as student services is highly appreciated by students and their parents.
  • In terms of translation services, Duc Anh is non-replaceable partner of many multi-national companies/ local companies in terms of quality of service. Translation is processed fast, accurate and on time.

Hereunder is the brief summary of Duc Anh A&T.

Legal status:

  • Business name            : Duc Anh Overseas Study Advisory & Translation Com. Ltd;
  • Year of registration      : 21/ 8/ 2000;
  • Business Reg. No.      : 010105 4876, granted by Hanoi City Council, Vietnam;
  • Licensed No.               : 2014, granted by MOET Vietnam;
  • Operation location       : Vietnam- Australia;
  • Websites:

………….– For Overseas student recruitment : ducanhduhoc.com  or  www.ducanh.edu.vn

………….– For English training : pearsontest.vn

  • Membership                : VIECA (Vietnam International Education Consultancy Association);
  • General Director/ Owner: Mrs. LU, Thi Hong Nham

………….1. Edu.Admin, UNSW, Australia;

………….2. Linguistics- VNU.

Achievement/ awards: (Main)

  •  “Best Agent of the Year ”, 2017, by Deakin University, Australia;
  • “Loyalty Certificate 15+ Year of Service, 2017, by Victoria Government School, Australia;
  •  “Ruby Partnership”,2017, by HTMi, Switzerland;
  • “Loyal Agent”,2016, by Into University Partnership UK- US;
  •  “Top Performing Agent”, 2014, by BC Vietnam;
  •  “Education Agent Loyalty, 10+ years of service” – by Victoria DET, Australia;
  •  “Excellent Agent”,  2009, 2010, 2013, by  HTMi, Switzerland;
  •  “Silver Agent”–  2009, 2010 – by EASB, Singapore;
  •  “Top Performance Agent”, 2009,  2010, by TAFE NSW; Australia;
  •  “Agent of The Year”, 2013, 2014, 2015 – by Monash, Australia;
  •  “High Achieving Agent”,  2006, by AEI – Australia;
  • Top Achieving Agent”, 2005, by  Trade New Zealand – New Zealand Embassy;
  • “Emerging Education Agent”, 2003 – 2004, by AEI – Australian Embassy;

Offices (02)

Hanoi- Head Office (recruitment/ English training/ PTE A Test Center)

……..54-56 Tue Tinh St., Hanoi, Vietnam

……..Tel: 84 24 3971 6229-  024 3972 0889

……..Email: duhoc@ducanh.edu.vn

Hochiminh City Branch office (recruitment/ PTE A Test Center)

……..172 Bui Thi Xuan, Ward Pham Ngu Lao, Dist.1, Hochiminh city

……..Tel: 84 28 3925 3588- 028 3929 2995

……..Email: duhoc@ducanh.edu.vn

Working philosophy:

  • Service quality focusing;
  • Students’ benefit is priority;
  • Friendly, cooperative and supportive attitude toward business partners;
  • Abide laws and regulations set out by countries for an educational agent.

Business scope:

  • Student recruitment: recruit students to US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Holland, Switzerland, Japan… Services to students are guidance for country/ courses/ admission to school/ visa admission/ travel and accommodation/ insurance and other support when students studying overseas. Services to education providers are: arrange marketing activities (seminar/ fairs, in house student meeting, school visits), advertisement campaign, market intelligent and other as requested by partners;
  • English testing: Pearson Test of English- Academic Testing Center, from June 2014;
  • Language training: Provide Academic English and PTE A/ IELTS preparation courses;
  • Translation: Provide translation services for languages: English, French, and Chinese;
  • Education promotion activities: Organizing professional education exhibitions, seminars, in house information sections, school and universities visits…


  • Full-time: 35, including 15 consultants, 10 administrators- marketers; 10 teachers;
  • Part time: 15, including part time teachers, part time counselors.

Working hours:

Monday- Saturday:

  • Morning          : 8:30- 12:30
  • Afternoon        : 13: 30- 17:30

Visa successful rate

  • 100% for Asia countries
  • 98% for European  Countries
  • 90%   for USA
  • 90- 99% for Australia/ NZ


  • Australia
  • UK
  • America
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia


  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Switzerland
  • Holland
  • Japan
  • Italy



  • Meet year 2017 recruitment target for both Overseas study and PTE A;
  • March/ July/ October education fairs (multi-destinations) were held successfully in Hanoi / Hochiminh city with more than 50 booths presenting more than 200 schools/ colleges and universities each time at each location;
  • Individual country education fair for Singapore and New Zealand in April/ Sept;
  • Monthly events in March/ May/ August/ November in cities: Hanoi/ Hai Phong/ Vung Tau/ Ho Chi Minh/ Da Lat/ Quang Ngai/ Hue and Vinh  cities;
  • Successfully enhance staff quality;
  • Sent staff to Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore for training.


  • Hanoi office met 2016 target by October 2016;
  • PTE A testing center: met 2016 target by September 2016;
  • First 2 GMAT tests conducted in Feb/ Mach 2016 (to support UK Pearson Team), in Hochiminh city;
  • March/ July/ October education fairs (multi-destinations) were held successfully in Hanoi / Hochiminh city with more than 40 booths presenting more than 200 schools/ colleges and universities each time at each location;
  • First New Zealand Education Open days in July and NZ Mini Exhibitions in Hanoi/ HCMC were successfully organized;
  • Monthly events in March/ May/ August/ November in cities: Hanoi/ Hai Phong/ Vung Tau/ Ho Chi Minh/ Da Lat/ Quang Ngai/ Hue  cities.


  • Well settle PTE A testing center and met the first year operation target by Sep.t 2015;
  • Education fair: March and July: have been successfully organized, with participation of more than 40 institution in each event;
  • Visa rate for big markets: was >95% for Australia/ NZ/ UK, >85% for USA/ Canada;
  • HCMC office achieved the grow rate of 25% while Hanoi is 16%.


  • Awarded “Top Performing Agent” by BC Vietnam;
  • PTE A-test centers have been successfully set up by June 2014. Duc Anh becomes the FIRST and the ONLY officially authorized PTE A Testing Centers in Vietnam so far;
  • Education fair: March 15- 16 and July 12-13: have been successfully organized, with participation of more than 40 institutions in each event.


  • Plan to set up Pearson testing center in Hanoi/ Hochiminh city;
  • Keep leading position for markets: UK, Australia;
  • Awarded :”Top Performance Agent- Northern Vietnam” by Monash University;
  • 5 exhibitions in Hanoi/ Hochiminh city (1 in new form: online exhibition);
  • Re-set Japan market from March 2014;
  • Meet the set target with institutions.


  • Keep leading position in markets: Australia, UK.;
  • Restructured DACE and successfully with Cooperate training of English for Medicine for Vimec International Hospital/ ongoing project 2013- 2015 (200 Nurses and Doctors);
  • Awarded ‘Agent of The Year” by Monash University;
  • International education fair in Hanoi/ HCMC in March and July;
  • Relocate and upgrade  Hochiminh city branch office in June 2013;
  • Set up Vinh representative office/ done in May 2013;
  • Met ¾ the set target with institutions.


  • Amongst TOP agents for Australia, UK, Canada, US, NZ, Singapore and Switzerland;
  • Strengthen DACE and staff/ service quality;
  • “Best Agent 2012- Northern Vietnam”, by Monash University.
  • First time since established set up Marketing Team for Duc Anh;
  • Total sale raised up by 10%;
  • International Education fairs for all marketing’s in March, July in Hanoi and HCMC cities.


  • Kept leading position in markets: Australia, UK, Canada, US, NZ, Singapore and Switzerland;
  • Restructured DACE and student number grew by 15%;
  • Total sale grew up by 10%, compared to 2010;
  • Staff training in Canada (1), Australia (3), Singapore (2), New Zealand (1);
  • Restructured Hochiminh city branch office;
  • Set up representative office in Melbourne;
  • Annual education fair in March- successful;
  • Met the set target with institutions.


  • Awarded “Silver Agent” 2010, by EASB, Singapore;
  • Awarded “Excellent Performance Agent” 2010, by HTMi, Switzerland;
  • Awarded “Agent of The Month” by Monash University;
  • Kept leading position in recruiting students to Australia, America, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore, with specially achievement in Canadian visa rate;
  • Total raised sale 15% compared to 2009;
  • Met target set up with core universities and colleges;
  • Successfully organized The 13 International Education Fair of the company in July 2010 ;
  • Strengthened DACE (Duc Anh Center for English and raised sale number);
  • Coped well with the economic crisis and visa changes for Australia and UK markets.


  • Awarded “Silver Agent” 2009, by EASB, Singapore;
  • Awarded “Agent of The Month”, August 2009, by Monash university (the second time);
  • Awarded “TOP Agent”, June 2009, HTMI, Switzerland;
  • Keep leading position in recruiting students to Australia, America, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore, with specially achievement on Canadian visa rate;
  • Total sale raised 25% compared to 2008;
  • Successfully organize The 12 International Education Fair of the company ;
  • Completed the English Center in Hanoi, named DACE (Duc Anh Center for English), at No. 8 Ham Long St., Hanoi, with 7 class rooms, 1 teacher room, 1 counseling room, 1 library, all are well equip, serve 15+ years old students with IELTS entry level of about 3.0 or more, offers Academic English and IELTS preparation programs only.


  • Meet all the set student recruitment target except for one university and one college in Australia;
  • Visa rate: higher than any other year and raising visa number to 29% compared to 2007;
  • Staff training to Australia (03 staff), New Zealand ( 01 staff, US (02 staff), Singapore and Malaysia (04 staff);
  • Successfully finalized project Van Xuan- Gordon Institute and will start operating in early 2009 (completed in Oct. 2008);
  • Successfully organized the 11th International Education Fair, on 27/ 7/ 2008 (14 institutes took part);
  • Selected as “Agent of The Month”- 2008, by Monash University, Australia;
  • Open a trial office in Hai Duong city (Nov. 2008).


  • Successfully organized “the 9th and 10th International education fair” in July 2007; organized more than 60 seminars/ interviews/ school visits, Team leader for organizing “VIECA education fair 13 & 14”;
  • Market: kept up among leading position in term of recruiting students to Singapore, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand;
  • Australian student visa granted raised by 40%, Switzerland by 20%;
  • Staff standardized, staff training in Australia (02);
  • Company restructured successfully for Hai Phong and Hochiminh offices;
  • Meet all set targets with schools presented;
  • Take in contracts presenting high quality universities in US, UK and Australia.


  • Marketing: successfully organized “the 8th International education fair”: in July 2006; organized more than 40 seminars/ interviews/ school visits, Team leader for organizing “VIECA education fair 11 & 12”;
  • Market: Strengthen traditional and potential markets (Singapore, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, US…)
  • Awarded title of “High Achieving Agent, 2005- 2006” by AEI- Australian Embassy;
  • Staff standardized;
  • Completed project on International Kindergarten – Hochiminh city- (Done, built up the most beautiful kindergarten school in HCMC, named: International School of Saigon, ISS- US program, first opening with 97 local and international children- Australian school Headmaster).


  • First entered- trial- to Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Poland markets;
  • First contact with Malta, Cyprus, Scotland;
  • Determine of UK market;
  • Successful for markets: US, Australia, UK, Korea, Singapore;
  • Awarded title: “TOP Achieving Agent”, by Trade New Zealand- New Zealand Embassy, 2005;
  • Assessed: “Agent has the best understanding of education in Singapore, 2005”, by STB- Singapore;
  • Set up representative office in Da Nang city;
  • Held 71 seminars and 1 exhibitions;
  • Took part training/ farm trip in UK, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore (04 staff);
  • Took part farm trip to Malaysia, sponsored by Malaysia Tourism;
  • Initiated project on International Kindergarten (Franchising negotiation is on process);
  • Initiated GPEC project (Group of Professional Education Consultants).


  • Awarded title: “Emerging Education Agent in Northern Vietnam, year 2003- 2004”- by Australian Education International- Australian Embassy, 2004;
  • First enter UK market;
  • Set up representative office in Hai Phong city;
  • Held 82 seminars/ exhibition;
  • Staff training at Singapore Tourism Board, BC, AEI, CEC and New Zealand Trade;
  • Farm trips/ staff training in Singapore, Malaysia (02 staff).


  • Set up representative office in Viet Tri city;
  • Held 52 seminars / exhibitions;
  • Staff training at Singapore Tourism Board, BC, AEI, New Zealand Trade. CEC;
  • Farm trip/ staff training in Singapore, Malaysia (02);
  • Joint VIECA.


  • Expended business to 12 markets; First entering/ checking French, Germany markets;
  • Held more than 50 seminars / exhibitions;
  • Took part in the CEC education fair in Ottawa, Canada (01 staff);
  • Visited France and determined of French market;
  • Organized overseas study tour and promotion for Student and Pupil Magazine;
  • Staff training at BC, AEI and New Zealand Trade;


  • First enter to Malaysia and New Zealand markets;
  • Set up Branch in Hochiminh city;
  • Held more than 40 seminars / exhibitions;
  • Took part fairs/ training in Singapore, Australia;
  • Staff training at BC, AEI and New Zealand Trade.


  • Main markets: Australia, US, Canada, Singapore;
  • Got licensed by MOET Vietnam;
  • Got licensed by Hanoi Dep. of Investment and Planning;
  • Held more than 30 seminars / exhibitions;
  • Visited Singapore/ Malaysia and Staff training at AEI and New Zealand Trade.

November 1999

  • Set up office under Unesco 19- 5;
  • Market: Australia, US.